Huge Pair of Wood Indian Clubs. X Large Rosewood Exercise Weight Meels.


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This impressive and rare extra large pair of Victorian wooden Indian clubs or exercise meels which date from the 19th century are made of Rosewood and have a wonderful patina.

This is a huge pair of clubs at an impressive 76 cm - 30" in length and weigh approx 2.5 kilos each.

Indian clubs of this size and weight are extremely hard to find and these unusual items of antique sporting equipment make fantastic decorative home or gym display items and because of the size, type of wood and stunning colour these are extra special.

Indian clubs are a type of exercise equipment used for developing strength. They were swung in certain patterns as part of an exercise program and were popular in the late 1800s and early 20th century. Clubs of this size rarely become available especially made of Rosewood and as a pair.

Weight: 2.460 kg and 2.608 kg.

Size: Approx 76 cm - 30" long.

Date: Victorian / 19th century.

Condition. Very good antique condition with the usual chips, dents, small cracks and wear leaving a wonderful rich dark brown / red patina and have a stunning look. Interesting display items, home decor, or gym or decoration. Please see pictures.

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