Four French Terracotta Resin Sap Pots. Flower Garden Plant Pots. c1900.

Stock Number: AFSP2756


This set of four French terracotta resin pots which date from c1900 have a great shape and were originally attached to pine trees to collect resin/sap.

These handmade antique clay pots have crystallised pine resin residue and lots of wear which gives them their beautiful rustic look and their wonderful pine odour.

Today they make attractive display pieces, flower pots or storage pots.

Materials: Terracotta.

Date: c1900.

Approx dimensions of each: Diameter at widest part: 15 cm (5 3/4"). Height: 10.5 cm (4").

Total weight: 2.328 kg.

Condition: Well worn antique decorative condition with lots of beautiful wear, chips, remains of resin and patina. Please see pictures.

Please note that only the four pots are included and any other items in the pictures are for display only.

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